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Porch Awnings on a farmhouse

Protect and enhance any porch with an awning. All awnings are sewn and manufactured at our shop by experienced professionals using only the finest materials, piping and hardware available.

Benefits include:
Creates a cozy, usable area.
Rain protection.
Enlarges the feel of any porch.
Removable in winter when you need the sunlight for added heat in your home.
Adds texture, color, and interest to your home.
Rope systems are available to retract awnings when needed.
Save on AC costs.

  • Category: Residential Porch Awnings
  • City: Lampeter Strasburg
  • State: PA
  • Frame: Threaded
  • Mounting: N/A
  • Fabric: Sunbrella
  • Color: Henna Fern Vintage
  • Pattern: #4969
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porch window awnings canopy canopies red green stripe sunbrella fabric canvas lancaster pa shade

Thank you so much for an excellent job on our canvas. Your thoroughness and attention to detail were very much appreciated.

Carol R. from Lancaster