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Orchard View Lavender Farm – Drop Curtain Enclosure on a wedding venue pavilion

Orchard View Lavender Farm in NJ had Kreiders enclose their new wedding venue pavilion with Sunbrella drop curtains. The curtains are mostly clear so they block the cold but not the view. The curtains roll up out of the way when not in use and the upper triangular panel is easily removable.

  • Category: Commercial Drop Curtains/Enclosures
  • City: Port Murray
  • State: NJ
  • Frame: N/A
  • Mounting: N/A
  • Fabric: Sunbrella
  • Color: Oyster
  • Pattern: #6042
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orchard view lavender farms port murray NJ clear drop curtain enclosure wedding venue pavilion sunbrella

Thank you Les – You did a wonderful job for my canvas. It was a very unique structure and you did a wonderful job creating the best solution for my home!

Soly C. of Lititz