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Ephrata Recycle – Shed style doorhood awnings

Door hoods can add identity to any door, add “pop” to a building all while providing protection from the elements. All were custom made with great care in our Lancaster County facility!

These awnings protect the entrances to the office building at Ephrata Recycling

  • Category: Commercial Door Hoods
  • City: Ephrata
  • State: PA
  • Frame: Welded
  • Mounting: Wall Mount
  • Fabric: Vanguard
  • Color: Sand
  • Pattern: #2900
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Ephrata Recycling - Office Doorhood Awnings

The deck has changed from the least used area to the most used area after the canopy was installed. We had several other awning companies out to our home and no one else could offer a solution.

Diana V. from Perkasie